Sep 04, 2019

The implementation has significantly improved productivity of the legal team while enhancing risk management capabilities.

PracticeLeague LegalTech has partnered with PepsiCo India, one of the largest global brand of food and beverages to streamline and automate their matters and legal cases by implementing a robust and integrated ‘Matter and Legal Spend Management’ module of PracticeLeague’s Enterprise Legal Management platform.

PracticeLeague enabled PepsiCo India to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver legal services by providing a platform Platformd best to eliminate various challenges that their legal department has been facing. While PepsiCo India has always been proactive in their legal risk management, but repetitive manual processes were hindering the precision, control and visibility of the legal function and its impact on the overall bottom-line of the business.

When seeking a solution PepsiCo India wanted a platform that could bring real-time visibility into the exposures and expenses every legal matter entailed, streamline multiple matters scattered across geographies, and create a seamless workflow across various business functions including legal, finance, compliance etc. Their search ended with PracticeLeague Litigation Management Module as the most suitable platform which not only solved their challenges but also helped carve a strategic place for legal in the business.

“The business teams at PepsiCo India realized that the true value of such Enterprise Legal Management technology platform has an outreach which went beyond the bare need of legal efficiency and cost effectiveness. With such technological capabilities, we as corporate legal can not only ensure near real time tracking of litigation but also enable better business efficiency.” – Payal Khanna, Former Associate Director (PepsiCo India Legal).

“Payal’s observations on the points of value reinstates the vision of PracticeLeague and ensures we are on the right track. We are here to make a tectonic shift in the way Legal is perceived today”, said Mr. Parimal Chanchani, CEO and Co-Founder of PracticeLeague Legal Tech Private Limited.

In New York Times Square
In New York Times Square

Identifying the need for a unified technology for cross-functional alignment and business value it brings, PepsiCo India implemented PracticeLeague platform and described the value it brought to their legal function. “The value is immense. Consider the fact that there are dozens of plant accountants and their coordinators at PepsiCo India who receive letters from different authorities. Now, these documents are uploaded in the PracticeLeague system immediately when they are received, which improves the near real time visibility tracking of such important statutory communications. This enables our corporate teams to deal with the issues efficiently.” - Payal Khanna, Former Associate Director (PepsiCo India Legal).

Mr. Chanchani, CEO and Co-Founder of PracticeLeague, said “Some of the recent surveys and research by top analyst firms, advise that cross functional alignment within and outside the core legal department will play key role in organizations for unlocking more value from legal services. Such alignment can empower Legal to grow their strategic value to Business. With millions of multi directional interactions between Legal and other stakeholders, it’s literally impossible to identify measure, highlight and improvise the strategic value that Legal produces, without a Unified Technology Platform. It’s imperative for organizations to empower Legal with growing demand and complexities every day. It will be a strong differentiator for early adopters”.


Being one of the largest MNC food and beverage businesses in the country, PepsiCo India's growth in India has been guided by “Performance with Purpose”, its fundamental belief that the success of the company is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the world around. The Company believes that continuously improving the products it sells, operating responsibly to protect the planet and empowering people around the world is what enables PepsiCo India to run a successful global company that creates long-term value for society and our shareholders.


PracticeLeague provides an Intelligent and Unified platform for the Enterprise Legal Ecosystem driving Digital Transformation to the next level. PracticeLeague helps entwine legal efficiency and cost-effectiveness with complex end to end business operations with the sheer power of simplicity, speed and innovation driving today’s quintessential competitive edge and the highest standards of corporate ethics.

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