The Legal Department have carried out their traditional ways since the beginning of time. Although these appear as generous and Nobel act of carrying the traditional legacy from generations, but these have seriously impacted on the capability and position of the Legal Department.

As legal hold a considerable amount of contribution in an entire business, it is imperative for the legal department to technologically grade down on the exponential growth business are undertaking due to adoption of technology.
Including various barriers Legal is facing to implement automation including Legal budget restraints, lack of time, and difficulty in integration, et al, one of the most intriguing barriers is change management.

Lawyer Resistance.
It is an established notion that legal industry is averse in adopting innovative techniques and in-house counsels biggest factor in resisting the same is the shift in their roles; from following a true practice of law to delivering of legal services. Latest advancements such as AI and Machine Learning have made them apprehensive of their own position in the industry.
While the GCs are aware of the improved efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of deploying legal tech, they are still lacking on the structural implementing the entire process. From being a legal service consumer, in-house departments have to change their role to being a legal service delivery provider. Achieving the above goal entails identifying the department’s needs, evaluation of the present technologies and reassesses the workflows around the end-user need.

“Getting people to adopt any piece of technology that changes the way they work is essentially a change management project and it needs change management expertise if it is to be done effectively,”

How to change the attitude towards technology?
It is a difficult task to change the approach for an age old legacy, but as the need of every business and departments within is automating efficiency, change is only a non-substantial matter of discussion. Legal Departments with an automated and integrated platform are able to save money and mitigate risks faster and efficiently than counterpart of not using any system.

Can you bring in change in your Legal Department? Let us help you to create an automated environment.


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