One of the biggest barriers identified in adoption of legal tech is the lack of leadership and its subsequent sponsorship for visualising the deep visibility and efficiency created by implementing tech-enabled solutions, which will not only create value to the legal department but also add accountability to the team. The success factor for a comprehensive adoption of legal technology relies on the direction and leadership of the General Counsel who identifies the goals and metrics of his/her team and plan a roadmap ahead that will align the workflow with the said vision.

Legal Budget Restraints:

Corporate legal departments are dealing with increasing pressure on how they do their jobs as the volume of their legal work continues to grow, and the overall legal department budget isn’t being increased at the same rate.

The core role of the in-house team – dealing with compliance, data security, etc. – is only getting more onerous. In-house teams need to free up the highly-trained individuals within their teams to focus on work of strategic value and, increasingly, to focus on providing business advice. The digital innovations offered by legal services providers can be instrumental in driving efficiencies to achieve this.

GCs should desire to position themselves at the heart of business strategy and, this is where they should pitch investment in technology. It is not solely a legal issue. Talking to budget holders in their language – in terms of value to the business, ROI and alignment with strategy - makes it possible to reframe the conversation as one of investment in the bottom line rather than cost.




What to do?
The typical approach to these problems by the Legal Department or IT department is looking for a solution when the volume of work increases exponentially. As a result, the entire workflow becomes a chaos and matters/contracts are lost endangering the business to Risks and corporate ethics. In such situations, either enterprises explore Law Firms or check for solutions to manage their workflow, both impacting the Legal Budget and no Justice to the total cost of ownership.

The best approach to the budget problem is presenting a case to the management on streamlining the Legal process for present and future. Case which includes the growth trajectory of Legal efficiency and cost control. PracticeLeague helps Legal Department and In-house teams to make fluidic and streamlined workflow along with presenting the case to management to wholly justify the use of technology.

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Insights for General Counsel