Another challenge is integrating new solutions with existing systems from legacy providers, which provide document systems that are not as flexible from a backend technology perspective. A major challenge is working within the integrations offered by Windows.

Historically, it was not how legal professionals bought technology or how companies marketed it. Software products were sold as stand-alone applications designed to handle a specific task – keep time, process words, present at trial, or whatever. To the extent companies thought about lawyers’ broader workflows, they did so by extending the capabilities of their own products, but not by thinking about well their products might play with other products.

But now, a more holistic view is possible, thanks in large part to two factors – the prevalence of cloud computing and the burgeoning number of legal tech start-ups. These days, cloud platforms and APIs make it easy for tech products to play well with other products. 

A number of stakeholders lamented the lack of a solution that could integrate the variety of disparate tools used by lawyers. Many discussed the desirability of wedding external and internal data, such as the data provided by external research tools with internal experience and staffing data. They also discussed other considerations such as improving user interfaces.

Tightly integrated business process automation will significantly improve efficiency. Automation processes will allow staff to focus on their expertise rather than redundant mechanical tasks. A good process design will ensure both accuracy and timeliness by eliminating human error. Adaptable automation processes encapsulate proven business strategies in a way that differentiates your organization from others.



What to do?
Integration happens with either existing systems or pre-decisions to implement an integrated platform which manages end-to-end process of Legal. In either case the Tech Vendors and the Legal Department must be equipped with the right objectives to integrate solutions. PracticeLeague platform hosts an Enterprise Legal Management empowering practices like Matter, also called Case or Litigation, Contract Lifecycle, Compliance, IPR and Risk Management all on the same platform. The platform helps in collaborate with business stakeholders, external partners like Law firms and authorities like courts/regulatory bodies. The solution gives a Single Dashboard view, Single Sign on and a Single engagement platform for the Entire Legal Department to collaborate.

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