As impossible as it may sound, there appears to be knowledge and skills gap in the Legal Department, where 51% of GCs report they find it hard to decide which technologies to invest in, whilst 33% state that a lack of digital skills in the team is a challenge when trying to harness technology.

This suggests that barriers to harnessing technology in the legal function are not exclusively technological in nature but also have a skills element.

Teams need advanced digital skills to understand how they can leverage new technologies to deliver substantial improvements - While basic digital skills are about being able to operate systems and use technologies, advanced digital skills are about being able to see the potential of technology and use this to substantially improve, rather than just virtualise, working processes. To realise the full benefits of new technology, organisations need to develop individuals’ understanding of technology and their ability to identify where technology can lead to improvements in efficiency, quality and value.

Any new system/technology needs minimal amount of time for the users to grasp or understand the basic usability structure. The key skill element comes when the core competency of the system is considered to make it more effective and efficient for the team. Lack of Digital skill is a temporary barrier which can be overcome by proper training on how to maximize the usability of the platform.

A product which is configurable and gives the flexibility to mold according to workflows, gives the key metrics to make predicative and informed decisions with an expert training team to help in coursing the product is certainly a remedy to lack of digital skills.

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