Comply with the new amendments to SEBI's Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulation 2015,
using PracticeLeague Insider Trading Compliance Management Solution

Features of Integrated Insider Trading Platform

imageConnected Party Member database

Create and manage central database of all connected persons including employees, promoters, directors, key personnel and other connected persons. Compliance officer can send reminders, communicate with all connected persons through the system.

imageInitial Disclosures

Collect the holding statement in electronic format all from employees along with holding information of their relatives.

imageContinual Disclosures

Collect the trading information in electronic format all connected persons in the format prescribed by SEBI. Collect the information from employees, Key Management personnel, promoter and directors. Automatic reminders are sent for based on the pre-configured period.

imageAssignment disclosure

Enables Key Management Personnel to disclose the securities to grey list based on the engaging party, target company or other assignments through which firm is likely to receive the Unpublished Price Sensitive Information.

imageGrey List/restricted Security database

Based on the information submitted by the employees, compliance officer can set-up, manage Grey list/restricted security database for which trading is prohibited. Audit trail of all the activities will be maintained.

imageWorkflow Manager

Built-in work flows for the process including pre-trading request/approval/rejections, and post trading disclosures.

imagePre-clearance request/Approval

Provides a work-flow for employees to submit pre-trading requests, compliance officer can view all the pre-trading approval requests in a central system, compare with restricted securities (grey list) and approve/reject the request. Complete audit trails of all the approval/rejections maintained along with history.

imagePost-trading update

Enables employees to submit post-trading updates through central system. Automatic reminders are sent to the employees to update after a pre-trading request is approved.

imageMIS reports

Enables compliance offices to generate comprehensive MIS reports based on the disclosure made by the employees/connected parties.

imageAutomatic Reminders and Alerts

Automatic reminders are generated from the system for initial and continual disclosures, post-trading updations. Intimations emails are sent to the connected persons on all the events conducted by them.

imageTrading Plan
imageTrading Window
imageEmail Archival

imageTrade Request Validation


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